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Project Reboot

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Take a look at our plans for the future and what we have been working on as well as how we've listened to you.

Even though our Kickstarter did not get funded, I am continuing to move forward. I knew it would not be an easy thing to do because, as a company, we are new and haven't proven ourselves yet. This is not a failure but merely a chance to improve. I have been spending time going over every aspect to see where we can improve. I have had feedback and discussions from many of our backers and I have listened to what they have said and taken it to heart.


One of the basic rules of game design is that aspects of the game should always be loose, fast and to not wed ourselves to a particular idea. That includes the artwork, game mechanics and as well as the name of the product.

Our original name Event Horizon: Fleet Battles, although seemed to fit at the time, confused quite a few people. Someone new to the game would immediately link it to an old sci-fi movie name, and having to explain the title just doesn't work.

For that reason the game's name will have to change. We have a few ideas but we also think this would be a great way for previous backers to voice their opinions of our choices. Stay tuned in the upcoming week as we announce and post a poll for it.


Garage Gaming is a small start-up company, so all of us have other full time jobs and families. For that reason we weren't able to get the game play video and beta rules completed in time for it to make a showing on the campaign.

Before we launch the reboot, they will be completed so from the start everyone will immediately see them displayed. Backers will be able to download the beta rules and watch actual game play videos of the game. This will demonstrate the mechanics and the flow of the game much easier.


I have been trying to figure out where we can reduce costs of the game to lower the price, without reducing the quality or have it negatively impact the game. It is clear that even though there are a lot of components for our game, a good portion of backers simply look at the price and how many miniatures they are getting. Also some backers may not like the choices of the default fleet forcing them to spend a higher dollar to get the fleet they really want.

Instead of offering an 8-miniature game set for 2-players, we have decided to go with a 4-miniatures, single player Fleet Starter set. This will let players choose their favorite fleet rather than the ones prechosen for the 2-player set.

There will be six different Fleet Starter sets, one for each faction, so backers will be able to choose their faction. Each box will contain four miniatures from that faction with one of the stretch goals being an upgrade to the base box expanding it to 5 miniatures. Each Fleet Starter set will contain:

  • 4 Starship Miniatures from that faction.
  • 4 Movement Decks (96 cards)
  • 4 Ship Status Cards
  • 4 Ship Signature Tokens
  • 4 Fighter Tokens
  • 4 Missile Tokens
  • 2 Freighter Transport Tokens
  • 2 Asteroid Tokens


There are a number of players who wanted to use their existing miniatures with our rule system. Previously, we didn't really have any tiers that supported that path, and we will be changing that.

These aren't fully set in stone yet, as I'm still waiting for some final quotes, however they should give you an idea of what we are trying to do. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Rules Only

For those interested in using their own miniatures but our existing rules we have two packages.

Print-and-Play Digital Rule Set ($20): The rulebook with be a digital PDF that contains print and play cards. Backers will be able to print their own movement cards, ship status cards, tokens and templates.

Ready-to-Play Deluxe Rule Set ($39): On top of the digital package, this contains everything that is in the main game boxes, except for the miniatures. It will contain a soft cover full color rulebook, 4 movement decks, ship status cards and tokens (120 components).

Miniatures Only

For the backers that were happy with their own existing rules, but wanted to use our miniatures, we created miniatures-only packages.

Mini-10 ($39): You can pick 10 starship miniatures from any of the standard 30 ship miniatures. Choosing multiple copies of the same ships can also be requested.

Mini-30 ($99): You can pick any 30 starship miniatures from any of the standard 30 ship miniatures. This gives you enough to have complete fleet sets from each of the different factions. Choosing multiple copies of the same ships can also be requested. This tier will include stretch goals.

Full Game

This are the new and improved tier packages for the full game which includes the rules, movement decks as well as the miniatures.

Faction Starter Set ($49): This is a game box tailored for their faction of choice that contains: 4 starship miniatures from that faction, 4 Movement Decks (96 cards), Ship Status Cards, 8 Ship Signature Tokens, 8 Fighter Tokens, 8 Missile Tokens, 8 Freighter Transport Tokens and 8 Asteroid Tokens (124 components). This tier will include stretch goals.

By making the boxes smaller we are able to reduce the base price foot print of the game. This will give one player everything he needs to start the game.

Faction Starter + 10 Miniatures ($99): This combines the base miniatures only tier along with the game box. Not only will they get to choose the Faction Starter Set they want but they can also choose an additional 10 Starship miniatures from the standard 30. They can be of the same faction as the faction set they chose or completely different ships. This tier will include stretch goals.


Everyone wants free stuff. I have to admit I've been guilty of joining Kickstarters that give you a lot extras. I have also joined Kickstarters because I believe in them and want to see them succeed.

I wanted to not only reward those that back certain pledges, but I wanted to do something for everyone that pledged. For stretch goals, we'll be doing something different by having Viral, Backer, and Dollar Stretch Goals. The more fans the project gets, the more extra things we can unlock for our backers. After all, you are the reason this is happening.

Viral Stretch Goals

Since we've lowered the price points, and tightened everything up where we can, we'll need more backers than before. The more gamers we can reach, the more artwork we will unlock.

Viral Stretch goals will reward everyone no matter what pledge level they backed at. These stretch goals will be based on the amount of likes on Facebook as well as fans on Board Game Geek. They will allow backers to enjoy some free high resolution wallpapers and artwork from the game.

Backer Stretch Goals

By reaching out to more people, and increasing the traffic on Facebook and Board Game Geek, we can increase the number of backers. The more backers we get, the more components we can put in the game. All backers will be able to benefit from these upgrades as it helps increase our success and bringing you a bigger, better product.

For example, we want to be able to add another miniature to the Fleet Starter set, making it 5 miniatures instead of 4. The more backers we have, the better we can upgrade the components of the game. I also wanted to offer resin miniatures as some players prefer them over pewter. This would be another great goal that we could allow players to choose from.

Stretch Goals

We will also have the standard Stretch goals based on the dollar amount over what is need to get funded. They will allow us to unlock additional, new miniatures for backers, plus free miniatures for certain tier pledges.

Each stretch goal will unlock an additional add-on which can include a new ship design, fighter miniatures and terrain miniatures (asteroids, satellites and space debris). Backers will be able to add these to their existing pledges as an add-on.

Each stretch goal will also unlock a freebie to certain pledge levels. (Yeah! Everyone loves free miniatures!)


We are a new company and because of that we have not yet purchased the manufacturing and tooling we need to publish this game. We are not Mantic, MERC, CoolMini, Dwarven Forge or Japanime Games. Compared to us, these are big companies, but that doesn't mean we don't have big dreams. Those are also companies that through Kickstarter have brought many great products and they all started somewhere. That is why you are all important because without you, none of this would be possible.

Backers wanted to know where the numbers for the funding goal came and where the money was going. Kickstarter and Amazon fees will be $3500. Final artwork acquisition and modeling work will cost $5000. Molds, tooling and equipment are not cheap. The manufacturing equipment, molds and 3D printing high quality masters will cost $16,700 . Finally in order to bring this all to life we need the materials to finalize production and deliver the product to our backers which costs another $9800.

Once we are funded, that means we can deliver more great products to you at a better price. Some of the other projects we are working on includes a 32mm ground combat game, cooperative miniatures arena game, dice and card duel game and more collectible and high quality miniatures.


We love our game and believe in it to be able to give you a guarantee. We acknowledge the risk our backers are taking by supporting a new company as well as a new game.

For the backers ordering the game box, if you decide you don't like it within the first month of receiving the final product, you can return it to us for a full pledge refund.

Stay tuned, we will continue to update you through this process. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know, we would love to hear from you as we continue to move forward.

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The money back promise is a hard one to fulfill.

You not only lose the pledge, but the shipping cost as well.

I hope your relaunch will be EU friendly, there are many players in the UK and Western Europe.

The companies you mention started small as well. But see how they have grown. No reason this couldn't happen to you too.

I prefer resin over pewter and hope we can make it that far!

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