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Interstellar Crisis Update

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Project Update for Interstellar Crisis (yes the name was changed).

Game Box

We are still progressing and working hard on making this game become a reality. The initial proof-of-concept box, components, and packaging arrived. The first impression of everything was really good. It was great being able to have the box with the components in my hand, rather then having to envision the works in progress. Having it all together really completed it.


Sorry for the strange fish eye effect. These were taken with the iphone using a wide angle lens which sometimes creates this fish eye effect depending on the angle. Keep in mind the image and name are there for placement. We wanted to see packaging size, how much room we had along with the components.


There will need to be some minor modifications made when we move to final production. Nothing too major, just some small things that will improve everything. For example the image needs to be updated since we reduced the box size from including two fleets to just one fleet starter set.


I would like the card stock to be a little bit thicker, it was a bit too thin for my tastes. The tokens were a lot smaller, thinner, and flimsier than I expected. They are still good quality, but I don't just want something that is average, I want it to be better than average.

Resin Models

We finally completed a couple molds and finished doing a few resin casts for our demo ships. This will allow us to paint up some demo ships, instead of just simply showing renders and using the 3D printed prototypes. Yes we could have painted the 3D prototypes but the quality on them was never meant for production. They were meant to ensure the sizing was correct, there weren't any weak points on the model, details were where we wanted them to be. We didn't want them to be mistaken for the quality of the miniatures that we will be creating.

Please note that these resin versions aren't the final version either. Most of the ships will be cast in metal but we do hope to unlock the resin ship stretch goal for those that want the option to receive resin versions instead. We also needed something flashier to demo the game and demonstrate that we can create great looking miniatures, not just renders. This lets everyone look at our progression, see where we are in decision making instead of us just promising you the world. I don't want to produce low quality miniatures, I want them to be something that not only I am happy with the quality as a collector and painter, but that everyone is excited about. I don't want our backers to be disappointed.


Overall the quality of the cast is pretty good. There is very little flashing and only a few nubs that would need to be trimmed and cleaned up. There are no air holes. The little nubs that look darker are the nubs that need to be trimmed, unfortunately dirty from my hands when I handled them.

This particular ship version isn't too bad. One of the things we are looking at is casting one piece vs breaking it up into smaller sections. We don't want them broken into so many pieces they are pain to assemble but I believe it would be nice to be able to kit-bash some of the designs. Some changes will need to be made to make some of them easier to be modular so you can take engines from one model and maybe the bridge from another, then attach some different weapon designs.

I will need to wash these, trim the small flashing traces, then I will prime and start painting. Fair warning I'm not the greatest painter but I believe I do fairly well with miniature painting. As I work on them I will continue to post pictures and update everyone. The plan is to have everything ready to go to demo at GenCon.


This is another clean cast of a different design. This particular ship is perfect for the type of kit bashing that I talked about earlier. There is still a small amount of flashing but overall it is a good cast.

Some of the details are hard to see because it is a white ship. Once it is painted you should be able to see the detail better. I am satisfied with the detail, it is there but I want it to be a little more defined and not require to be painted to bring out the best parts.

Size Comparison

Here are a couple quick pictures of the resin miniatures next to some other miniatures.

Before the relaunch we will have some better size comparison images. The angle is weird because they are sitting in the small lightbox that I have made for photo's. It gives me better quality pictures with the iPhone but it is hard to get a full top angle shot without blocking the lights.

I wanted everyone to get an idea of the sizes we are working with and the direction we are going. A few of the renders we have still need to be adjusted to properly put them all in the proper scale they should be for these ships. We wanted them to be a little bit on the larger side but also want them to scale properly with other miniatures out there.


Disclaimer: Garage Gaming and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop, Ground Zero Games, or Spartan Games in any way. If models are pictured, they are for size comparison only and are the personal property of Garage Gaming employees.


We have been painting the miniatures and should have some pictures to show next week. We are also still in the process of getting some of them cast in metal.

Ship Redesign - Modular System

The original idea was to utilize ship designs that didn't require a lot of cutting but could maintain the high quality detail and still be appealing. The designs were created with the ability to be cast as one piece or split into 1-3 smaller pieces. As we continue to look for new methods to keep this appealing to vast audiences, the goal is to make sure they still stay high quality miniatures. Although we can keep it high quality as 1-3 pieces, we eventually made the decision to change how we cut up and separated the miniatures. This actually lets us get a higher quality and detailed miniature while providing some interesting options for players.

Here is an example of a miniature that would have normally been cast as a single piece. It would still maintain the features and be a clean cast:



The new modular design will break up the miniature into more than 3 pieces but it gives players a lot more options. Using some connector pieces we can create a system to allow players to customize, create their own variations using the base components with this unique system. If a player liked the engines of one ship but preferred the front of another, they would now be able to combine them to create their own custom design. You can see an example of the same ship cut up into its individual pieces:



This opens an almost endless amount of possibilities and combinations for players. Players can utilize the basic design, swap pieces with other designs, or create their own design. Instead of just having access to the standard 30 ship designs a player now has the ability to come up with more than 900 different combinations. This is useful not only for our own game but for players using the miniatures for other game systems as well.

Here you can see a few ship designs utilizing the modular system. Some of the ship features you will recognize from other designs. This is just a small example of what is possible:


Back to work for us. I hope you enjoyed the update along with some of the process and decision making that we do as we continue to move forward.

If anyone is going to be at GenCon be sure to message us on Facebook so we can meet up. Hope to see you there!

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