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Miniatures Stands for Painting

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I have tried multiple types of stands to paint miniatures, so I'm not touching the miniature while painting. One that I have used was alligator clips attached to bamboo sticks. It works great when using the airbrush for primer and base coats, but once you are done it requires a stand so they aren't laying on something. 


I also started to use old paint pots and film canisters with mounting putty which was ok. The issue was that sometimes the miniatures still wobbled when I was painting. Depending on the miniature, it wasn't always completely stable unless I previously based them first.


Then I started to look for another method and looked at various stands when I stumbled upon what I use now. I wanted something that I could paint, that was stable and didn't require basing but was easy to swap out. I have a collection of corks (size 13-15) for material and I have them in a container along with some film canisters. While going through them to find a small cork I noticed one cork was stuck into the canister snugly. That was when I had an idea.





Using the cork (purchasable at any craft store) and an empty film canister I was able to create a perfect holder for not just pinned models but unbased models. You don't have to use film canisters, you can use old paint pots, medicine bottles, or anything else as long as the cork fits perfectly inside the opening.


Using a hobby knife I cut the cork almost completely in half. I cut along the top part in half about an inch down and then along the sides about 70% of the way down the side of the cork. It gave me cavity that I could place the pinned miniatures or base into, then pushing the cork into the canister causes it to squeeze the sides together holding it place like a vice.




I have a few these made making it easy to turn the miniatures and paint them. When I want to remove a miniatures, I just pull the cork out and the miniature will slide out easily from between the two cork halves. I can then put a new miniature in its place and put the cork back into the canister to vice it back up.

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