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    In Event Horizon lasers are predominantly the weapon of choice. They come in different sizes which determines the range and how many dice you would be rolling for damage. In reworking the ship status cards to make them clearer, easier and streamlined we are looking at a couple things. There are other weapons in the game but currently we are looking at the lasers to make sure there isn't a way we can improve on them. In most games when you determine damage there are a couple methods for doing it. A widely known way is that weapons has a static amount of damage they inflict based on the size. Then your rolls are used to determine your success to hit the target. Another method that weapons have a static amount of damage they inflict, which determines how many dice you would roll, based on the weapon type and range. For example short range you get 4D6 and long range you get to roll 1D6. Each dice inflicts 1 or 2 points (depending on weapon) and the result of the roll determines your success to hit. I know they sound similar but they are both different mechanics. What is your opinion on what do you prefer?