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    In Event Horizon lasers are predominantly the weapon of choice. They come in different sizes which determines the range and how many dice you would be rolling for damage. In reworking the ship status cards to make them clearer, easier and streamlined we are looking at a couple things. There are other weapons in the game but currently we are looking at the lasers to make sure there isn't a way we can improve on them. In most games when you determine damage there are a couple methods for doing it. A widely known way is that weapons has a static amount of damage they inflict based on the size. Then your rolls are used to determine your success to hit the target. Another method that weapons have a static amount of damage they inflict, which determines how many dice you would roll, based on the weapon type and range. For example short range you get 4D6 and long range you get to roll 1D6. Each dice inflicts 1 or 2 points (depending on weapon) and the result of the roll determines your success to hit. I know they sound similar but they are both different mechanics. What is your opinion on what do you prefer?
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    Questions on Game Play and Design

    There have been some questions about how the game plays, feedback on the design and why we went the direction we headed. We have started to reach out more to other websites and miniatures gamers as we get closer to Kickstarter launch. We have already been receiving feedback and started to get questions on the game. Some questions and concerns do bring up valid points and we always appreciate the constructive input. Most of the information is covered on our Kickstarter page which is currently pending. Once that is approved we will be able to announce a closer date to official launch, which could be sometime next week. Some of the information already released could be confusing and there are more specific questions on how to play. We decided to take this time to answer some of them. Do I have to use a protractor to move ships? Although that makes me want to design a game that actually does use one... No you do not need to use a protractor. I can understand looking at the cards at first, without seeing the explanation of movement, could be confusing. When we demonstrated the game and had public play testing, movement cards were the first thing everyone said was straight forward and easy to understand. The flight base is hex shaped. Although the movement cards cover 30°-180° left and right, they are in 30° increments of measure. One complete hex side is 60°, half way point is 30° so it is fairly simple. The cards are written with port, starboard, bootleg turn and degrees as mainly flavor text. When commanding ships in space you wouldn't be giving orders to simply turn left, turn right. The controls would be similar to a submarines or aircraft with a pitch and yaw. Although we do understand that space is more than just left and right, the game isn't completely 3D. We did attempt it though but found it to be too time consuming and complex. Movement seems similar to Wings of War, why didn't we just use that method? Since I was unfamiliar with Wings of War I had to look up their movement cards. Oddly we originally started with a template system that was similar to Wings of War, although more closer to X-Wing. We loved the simplicity of the dial for movement and template system. We tried a code wheel (for those that remember the software code wheels from the 80-90's) so we could issue multiple orders. We moved to a sliding device but unfortunately none of them gave the ease of creating orders that allowed for diversity and even bluffing. The other issue with a template movement system like X-Wing and Wings of War was that ships move like war planes in gravity. We wanted ships to be like spaceships, not planes. Ships without gravity can strafe, they can be using momentum to carry a ship one direction while facing another direction to fire. We also didn't want them to be like naval ships where fleets circled each other like sharks. Do all the ships look the same? There are 6 fleets in total, each fleet belonging to a certain ruling faction. The factions are United Republic, Europa Confederation, Shingen Empire, Federated Commonwealth, Anazi Dynasty, Outer Rim Republic. Each fleet have their own design, although some of them do share some common traits. There are also some neutral ships. Do I have to buy a whole new fleet if I was changing armies or factions? Gaming is expensive. Miniatures gaming is no exception to that. We understand that and we wanted to build a system that could resemble actual warfare. As long as your commanding fleet consists 50% of points of your main faction then you would able to use other fleet designs. This will let a player at a later date who wants to play a different faction, utilize some of their models to be able to play without having to buy a completely new army. This also plays into campaign rules for planetary control and ship boarding actions when playing a long term game of capturing enemy resources. Some factions do have "faction specific" weapons and we get around that with retro-fitting. Each ship miniature comes with 4 different designs and layouts for that particular miniature that range in different weapons and points. There are upgrades that are available for more points that also enhance them and alter the play style. Player A could have the same ships as Player B but they could function slightly different. In terms of "faction specific" weapons there are retrofitted neutral weapon layouts for those ships that possess them. We didn't want to penalize someone who started to play after buying some ships to later discover they liked the style of another faction instead. This provided an easy way to gradually make the move as well be utilized in campaigns for wars of attrition. Does this game have anything to do with black holes or ships going to hell and becoming possessed? There is no relation to a certain horror movie. Originally when we came up with a project name we started with Event Horizon because of its definition: "An event horizon is, in general relativity, a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as 'the point of no return', i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible. The most common case of an event horizon is that surrounding a black hole." - Wikipedia It was specifically because of "the point of no return". The game is a war game and ultimately although there are moments of peace... there are also times when tension gets so high, once a line is crossed war just breaks out. At that point there is no returning. The main engines also use a gravity type engine, essentially utilizing a small point similar to a black hole. So everything seemed to fit. As we continued working on the history and lore. We defined key moments as "Events", which are catalysts points in time that changed society. The story and lore continue along the lines that Events are catalysts that cause a change in history. Similar to how we measure things like the Civil War, 9/11, World War I/II, etc. Events are given names much like a hurricanes are and everything started with Event A (Adam) when he was discovered on Mars, to Event B (Beta-Phase Virus) and so on until we are at Event H (Horizon). Some of that will start to be updated on the website as well as revealed during the course of the Kickstarter when we go over the history and lore. View full article
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