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Code Zero


Code Zero is a 32mm miniatures game which simulates skirmishes and combat set within a sci-fi universe. Players take control of a small squad of troops, broken up into fireteams, competing with each other to achieve one or several objectives and complete their mission. These combat situations take place within a theater of war, on the borders along the core worlds of various factions. This area is often referred to as Code Zero - “To refer to a dangerous place or situation that should be avoided or at least only be entered with significant backup.”

Code Zero is designed to create a cinematic feel of gameplay, while reflecting the dynamic ebb and flow of the battle that can happen within any given engagement. We do this by utilizing an action/reaction system, allowing both players to interact in a method keeping everyone engrossed with the battle.

A typical game consists of 8 rounds, with each round consisting of three phases: Start Phase, Player Phase, and End Phase. During the Player Phase, both players alternate between the Active Player and Reactive Player roles. The Active Player can choose to activate, move, and shoot with one to two of their units. Meanwhile the opponent in the Reactive Player role will get a chance to respond to certain actions.

Players gain Activation Points (AP) depending on the units within their control. There are two basic types of units; heroes which are single models usually someone who has a rank, and fireteams which consist of 3-5 models. Heroes generate 1 AP each and fireteams generate 3 AP each.

During the Player Phase, the active player will choose one unit to activate by spending one AP, letting that unit take 2 short actions or 1 long action. The reactive player has two opportunities to respond, they can spend one AP to activate one of their own units and/or wait until a unit moves within line of sight to respond with a snapfire. After they resolve those units, the Active Player can choose to activate a 2nd unit or pass the active turn to the other player. They will each take turns alternating between ‘active’ and ‘reactive’ players until both players are out of activation points.

Most units can only be activated up to two times and an Active Player can choose to activate more than 2 units. This comes at a cost, giving the activated unit “fatigue” status which has a negative effect on their abilities.


859952-Code Zero, Kickstarter, Skirmish.png

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