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GenCon Aftermath


GenCon was great as usual. I was able to run a couple of late night and early morning demos. I was also able to go over designs and plans with a few friends. It wasn't as big as I'd like, but since I was already scheduled for other plans, it wasn't awful either. We are making plans to make it to Board Game Geek Con in November as well.

Modular Design

The modular design was a big hit, everyone was really excited about them. The detail on the model is great and I can't wait to see it translate into the metal miniatures. There are some minor issues that will need to be addressed but they are not project stoppers.



There are extender pieces to connect other ship pieces together, as well as wing connectors to connect the wing sections. They were slightly smaller, in that they were loose, which is easily fixed. I'm torn though because the advantage means I can rotate pieces easier or allow the wing section to not be flush and be slightly out. This gives a bit more freedom with the designs as well. When the other 3 ship designs come in, we'll do a compare and then determine which direction we want to go.


Note: Alternate configuration. These are dry fitted, so they aren't glued together but you can see what I mean by allowing gap or changing the angle of the wing sections because of the looseness in the connector.

Tightening Game Rules

We are currently testing a secondary version of the rules. Originally we were using D6 to determine hits and crits. We are evaluating a D8 version utilizing symbols on the dice versus a specific number to hit. This does require a slight revamp of the combat system but it has the added advantage of speeding up gameplay, making it easier for new players to pick up. We still need more testing to determine which direction we will be taking. This is also one of the decisions we would love to get feedback on from players once we release the Quick Start Alpha Rules. We are curious which version players will enjoy more.

What Now?

I've measured the initial modular prototype with a caliper and sent off the measurements to the design team. They will take those measurements, compare with the original 3D files and determine where we need to make adjustments. Then we'll get 2-3 different modular ship designs prototyped again. Once we have cleaned them all and approved those pieces, they will be on their way to Iron Wind. There they will be vulcanized into a spin cast mold and masters will be created. We plan on doing a small run to get some demo models created. Then we'll be sending off a couple games out to reviews with the miniatures. In the meantime, we are close to releasing the Alpha version of the rules for review. Providing there are no other issues, we are looking to relaunch the Kickstarter in October/November.

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