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Part 3 | Game Playthrough


Player-A Anna (Federated Commonwealth) Vs Player-B Ben (Anazi Dynasty)

Both players have already chosen their secondary objectives, been deployed and rolled for initiative. The primary objective is a Data Retrieval indicated by the orange token(s). It will require someone to spend an action interacting, winning a successful skill check to access the system, then another successful skill checks to determine if the data retrieval is successful. A failed roll will require using another terminal. Once they have the data, they then have to make it back to their extraction point.

Player-A Anna won initiative and is playing the Federated Commonwealth strike team with a Battle Value of about 300 points. She chose Assassinate as her secondary objective. Since she will be fighting an opposing force, she determined it was the best option. After she kills an opposing unit, she will have to do a skill check to determine if it was her target.

Player-B Ben is playing the Anazi Dynasty squad with a Battle Value of about 300 points. His secondary objective is to Implant False Data. It is very similar to a Data Retrieval as it would use the same terminals. Since he has to interact with the same terminals, it meant he could kill two birds with one stone.


Turn 1 begins with the Start Phase. If there were abilities or status effects that triggered here, they would trigger and resolve before moving on to determine how many Activation Points the players have access to use. There is currently no Start of Turn effects happening so we move on to determine Activation Points.

Player-A Anna has two Hero units (Emma King and Ethan Walker) and one fireteam (4 models) that are active. That gives her a total of 5 Activation Points (1AP + 1AP + 3AP = 5AP). Her commander for this operation, which is considered private information, will be Emma King. Ethan has a special ability which will come in handy later.

Player-B Ben has one Hero unit (Akila Reis) and two fireteams (5 models each) that are active. That gives him access to 7 Activation Points to use (1AP + 3AP + 3AP = 7AP). The commander for Ben is the leader of Fireteam Omega. Choosing a fireteam has a commander is risky, but it can also work out in his favor. When a fireteam loses a member, a skill roll is done to determine if that was the fireteam leader. If it was that could give the fireteam Aberrant Status, which means AP generated by that unit can only be used by the unit that generated the AP.

Why didn't Player-B Ben split his two fireteams up so he could have a total of three fireteams? The minimum amount of units to make up a fireteam are three units.  

Yes, that would give him 9AP to spend and is a good method to min/max AP. But there are two factors which work against him in that scenario. One is the built-in soft cap known as Fatigue. A unit can only be activated twice unless they have a special trait or skill that allows them to be activated again. That means at a maximum the three fireteams would be using 6AP. He would have wasted AP unless he wanted to give his units Fatigue as well as making them less effective and more susceptible to become a Broken Unit, which gives them Aberrant Status and lowers the amount of AP they create.




Now that we have determined AP for each player we move into the Player Phase. Anna won the initiative roll so she will be the first Active Player, with Ben being the Reactive Player. She expends 1AP then declares that she will activate her fireteam using a Move Action. She does not have to say if it is a short or long action or what her move will be at this time. This creates a priority window known as a Trigger Point that Ben, the Reactive Player, can declare a response to her action. He can choose to respond with a Steal Initiative by declaring his response and expending 1AP. If he doesn’t choose to respond, he would not get another opportunity to respond in this manner. Ben chooses to wait to see what direction Anna will go so he passes.  

Anna’s action will now resolve, this is when she would do her action. She knows currently her opponent doesn't have LoS (line of sight) so she decides to take a Long Move Action Sprint. Sprint allows her to double her movement and able to dive for cover if able too. Diving for Cover lets a unit move half of its base size to touch against a terrain that would provide cover if it can.  

She can choose to expend another Activation Point to activate the second unit or pass to let her opponent move. At this time she does not want to expend a point but instead wants to hold them in reserve to see how Ben moves.




Ben will now become the Active Player, while Anna becomes the Reactive Player. Ben uses 1AP to activate fireteam Alpha, declaring a Move Action. This opens a priority window, Trigger Point, to which Anna can respond. She chooses to pass, to not respond to the trigger.  

Since Anna passed Ben's move action will now resolve, he declares it will be a Short Move Action and moves his unit forward. For his second action, he also does another Short Move Action moving forward, staying out of line of sight of his opponents units.

Ben chooses to spend another Activation Point to activate the second unit, maintaining himself as the Active Player. He chooses to activate his other fireteam with a Move Action, creating a Trigger Point. Anna declares she will respond to Steal Initiative by expending 1AP to activate Ethan. This does create another priority window, Trigger Point, that Ben could also Steal Initiative back by expending 1AP. However since he has already activated two units this round, it would mean the unit would have Fatigue status. Sometimes that risk is definitely worth it, but for now, he will pass and wait.

Anna will use a Short Move Action using his units jump jets to leap up to the higher platform. She doesn't have to worry about line of sight at this time. He does another Short Move Action to use his jump jets to get to the top, putting her unit it a better sniping position.  

Ben will now finish his actions for his second unit. That fireteam will use a Long Move Action Sprint to move forward. Since Ben has activated 2 units during his Active Player round, the round will automatically pass to Anna now.




Round Three, Anna is the Active Player with Ben the Reactive Player. She spends 1AP to activate Emma King with a move action, creating a Trigger Point (priority window).

Ben responds with Stealing Initiative, spending 1AP to activate Akila Reis which creates another Trigger Point. Anna decides to not respond and instead pass to Ben. That means Ben will resolve his actions first. He uses his first action as a Short Move Action to move Akila forward more. Then for his second Short Move Action, he does a Cautious Move, which will let him move forward without creating a trigger from an opposing unit. But he has to be out of LoS to start to move and end out of LoS as well. This allows him to avoid triggering Anna's sniper who would have had LoS.  

Anna will now resolve the actions for Emma King. She uses two Short Move Actions to move her forward and turning so it is facing towards her other fireteam.




Round Four, Ben is the Active Player with Anna as the Reactive Player. He spends 1AP to activate his fireteam Omega with a Short Move Action. This creates a Trigger Point (priority window), in which Anna chooses to Steal Initiative. She spends 1AP to activate Emma King using a Special Action, this creates another Trigger Point (priority window), in which Ben chooses to Steal Initiative as well by spending 1AP to activate his other fireteam for a Move Action. Anna chooses to not Steal Initiative a second time because she doesn't want any units to have Fatigue.  

Ben resolves his fireteam Alpha, using a Short Move Action. He uses his units special ability to teleport his unit into the building where the objective is. Then he uses his second action for another Short Move Action to get into position with the terminal.

Anna will now get to resolve her hero Emma King's actions. She is going uses a Long Action to use her unit's special ability. As long as her unit is not within line of sight or within a Hostile Zone of an enemy (6" radius around a unit) her unit can energize a power armor unit. It essentially gives her activation to the unit within LoS of her choosing (providing it is a power armor unit) and doesn't trigger the "Activation token". That means if the unit had activated twice, it wouldn't gain fatigue or if it had activated once already, it wouldn't switch over to the red state. Her Corer fireteam will use 2 Short Actions to enter the building.  

Ben will now resolve his initial unit that started the round (first in, last out order sequence). His fireteam is locked into doing a Move Action. The question is will he charge forward or instead choose to wait. Deciding to be aggressive he does a Short Move Action to teleport his units into the building, this will trigger Anna's unit letting her respond. They both choose to Combat Actions. Ben's fireteam is in base to base contact, with support from the fireteam units touching their base. The third is shooting.

Combat is handled individually but resolves simultaneous. Although we handle each units rolls separately in this situation, all damage doesn't take effect until the end so all units get their responses in. Two of Ben's units are killed, one of Anna's units is killed and the other is has 2 wounds. Anna's first skill check for her Secondary Objective was a failure. Her second roll was also a failure, neither of the downed opponents met her requirements.




Round Five, Anna is the Active Player with Ben as the Reactive Player. Anna spends 1AP to activate her fireteam to use a Special Action creating a Trigger Point. Ben chooses to Steal Initiative, spending 1AP to activate his fireteam alpha. This gives his unit Fatigue status reducing their stats. Since Anna doesn't have any more moves, he figures he is safe at this point.  

Ben's unit uses a Long Action to interface with the terminal to Implant False Data. He win's his skill check and achieves his Secondary Objective.  

Anna will now resolve her unit's actions. Anna's fireteam takes a Long Action to interface with the terminal. She successfully rolls and succeeds with her skill check, achieving the Primary Objective of Data Retrieval. Her action does trigger a response from Ben's fireteam who is in LoS. He chooses a Combat Action response, getting a success but Anna successfully makes an armor save.  

Anna has no more AP, so the round automatically passes to the next player.




Round Six, Ben is the Active Player with Anna as the Reactive Player. Ben spends his last AP to activate Akila using a Long Move Action to sprint her across the field.




We now move into the End Phase for Turn 1. Any end of turn effects happen, that removes activation tokens as well as Fatigue status.  

The Primary Objective was obtained which triggers an Extraction Point for Anna's team. She rolls a D10 to randomly choose which of the 4 sectors of her deployment zone that extraction will happen. For each of the four 12" square sections of her deployment zone, she will roll. 2,3 is the left most; 4,5 the next one over; 6,7 the next one over; Finally 8,9 is the right most section. 1 is a critical failure, which lets her opponent choose which section and 10 is a success which lets her choose. She rolls a 9 making the far right sector the extraction point that she needs to get her units to successfully end the game.  


Neither side has lost their commander. All units, for the most part, are still intact, so Anna gets 5AP while Ben gets 7AP.




Anna is the Active Player, with Ben as the Reactive Player. Anna spends 1AP to activate her fireteam, creating a Trigger Point. Ben responds to Steal Initiative by spending 1AP to activate fireteam Alpha, creating another Trigger Point. Anna responds to Steal Initiative by expending another AP to activate Emma King.  

Emma King's actions will resolve first. She uses a Short Move Action to move forward, crossing line of sight of Ben's hero. He chooses to shoot and her response is to dodge. He inflicts one wound onto Emma before she moves behind cover.  

Ben's fireteam will activate now. He uses a long action to do his Data Retrieval. He fails the roll, failing to get anything from this terminal. He will have to try the other terminal now.  

Anna's fireteam can now resolve their actions. She chooses a combat action, which triggers a response from Ben's fireteam that is in line of sight. His response is to shoot back. Ben inflicts a killing blow onto the unit that was wounded earlier. Anna's unit destroys one of Ben's units as well, knocking the other one unconscious.  

Both units now gain Aberrant Status, each player also loses 1AP now that the fireteams are Broken. Anna makes a willpower roll and fails, retreating back. Ben makes his willpower roll and is able to stay there.




Ben is the Active Player, with Anna as the Reactive Player. Ben uses 1AP on Akila for a Move Action, creating a Trigger Point. Anna steals the Initiative to activate Emma. Ben passes and chooses to not Steal Initiative back.  

Anna uses a Short Move Action to move her unit into base to base with the Broken Fireteam. For her second short action, she uses a special ability that allows her to join the fireteam, removing their Broken Status.  

Ben uses a Long Action to Sprint his unit over towards the incapacitated unit.




I apologize if it is a bit messy. I tried to recreate as much as the game as I could after the video loss. At this point is where our notes of the game and audio vanishes so not a lot of information to recreate from. However, we do know how the game ended up ending.  

Ben revived his unconscious unit, finished achieving the Primary Objective and had an Extraction Point created. They were making their way to the extraction point but Anna was just able to get to her's faster and ended the game. Then we move into adding up the Objective Points.  

Anna was able to make it to the Extraction Point and safely extract the rest of her units. Tallying up her points, she received a total of 6 points. She got 3 points for achieving the Primary Objective, 2 points for achieving her Secondary Objective, 1 point of a successful extraction and 1 point for destroying more than 50-100 points of opposing units.  

Ben was able to get an Extraction Point but he didn't make it in time. He received 3 points for achieving the Primary Objective, 1 point for his Secondary Objective and 1 point for destroying more than 50-100 points of opposing units. However, his Secondary Objective has some special text to it. Although it only gives 1 point as a Secondary Objective, it removes 1 point from the opponent if the primary mission was Data Retrieval. It also removes a second point from the opposing unit if the Secondary Objective was achieved before the Primary Objective.  

The final tally of points is Anna with a total of 5 points. She had 7 points originally, but after subtracting 2 because of Ben's Secondary Objective that left her with 5. Ben was able to achieve a total of 5 points. The first tie breaker goes to the amount of damage inflicted. Anna inflicted 75 points of damage to enemy units, while Ben inflicted 100 points so he ends up winning the Scenario.  

It could have easily gone the other way around. There were a couple tactical mistakes that the players made.  

Are you able to spot what they could have done differently?/


Part 1 - Playing Code Zero: Introduction

Part 2 - Playing the Game: Action | Reaction System

Edited by Shinlocke

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