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Psionic Convergence - Birth of a Psion




Humans have always evolved, sometimes this was because of choice and other times it was not. There were no records of when exactly the first Psion was discovered. Some recordings hint they were left over biological experiments, human weapons initially created to be used in WWIII. Other reports state that long exposure due to global warming and pollution created a mutant virus strain. There are even stories that claim it was an act of God, divine punishment for humanity's crimes or a gift to help overcome the upcoming struggles.  

The change did not happen overnight, it didn't impact the world largely at that time. The change first appeared in children or young adults. It was estimated that only 1 in every 100,000 were affected at first. In large, these changes were mostly enhancements to abilities a person already had; heightened senses, quickened reflexes, intuition, and even an unnatural affinity with technology. Jokes littered the media about how certain athletes were really Psions. Many people who had an ability didn't even realize it. It wasn't always evident. Like all things, it was like a muscle, it needed to be developed in order to really use it.  

There was a growing apprehension among the public since no one could explain the phenomenon, and at that time, no real method of detection existed. Were Psions still humans or were they something new? There wasn't a media station or net broadcast that wasn't debating about the big question. Distrust and fear continued to grow. Some debates were very heated, usually when involving religious leaders discussing the events. Some people viewed it as the next step of evolution for humanity and others thought it was a curse. At that time, when a Psion was discovered, they each experienced their own 15 minutes of fame as every one of them was put under a media microscope. Paparazzi followed them. Any background on a person's past was sifted through. It was the new reality show of the time. Publicly, they were given an almost celebrity status, but in the background, you could hear the murmurs; freak, mutant, unhuman. It ripped many families apart.  

Conspiracy theorists clamored this was all the start of an alien invasion, that Psions weren't human or that they were tools of the government. This created protest movements like Pure Humans and Free Terra which spread propaganda about Psions really being clones or body snatchers. Being involved with them meant you could be infected. In a few instances, security and police had intervened to stop protests, but no one had yet to get hurt.  

Chicago in the United States of America was the first recorded violent outbreak. It was also the first time a Psion was recorded utilizing their abilities in the form of a weapon and human lives were lost. Although there were a lot of studies and research into psionic abilities, methods of detection weren't as much of a priority as figuring out where they came from. The ability to identify someone with Psionic potential grew out of that incident.  

At one of the research centers where testing was being done, True Humans were protesting against PHR (Psions Have Rights). An 11-year-old girl named Amelia Devone was being tested since her older brother Victor had already tested positive. The rest of the account is unreliable. Witnesses' accounts said there was pushing and the girl was knocked to the ground. Before she was trampled by the hostile crowd, rocks and just about anything that wasn't nailed down, was being thrown back and forth. Glass shattered from windows above, raining down on the protesters. It wasn't simply falling either. It was being directed. People from both groups were injured. Rumors spread that a hooded individual was controlling the glass telekinetically.  

The underlying fear, the mumblings in the background, were suddenly at the forefront of conversations. Psions were no longer celebrated but feared. The powers starting to emerge were growing in strength, they were no longer just simple enhancements to human abilities. Now that they could be identified easier and faster, it was becoming easier to develop their powers more. It was also harder to hide them, soon they discovered Psions with the abilities in telepathy, empathy, and telekinetic abilities. Media had rumors about someone who could teleport, blink away and someone who caused people to sleep with a touch. Their abilities were no longer simple parlor tricks but were starting to be seen as threats, possible weapons.  

A scientist in Japan working for Murai-Tech developed the first psionic power detector (PPD). The PPD was able to detect if psionic abilities were being used in the vicinity. It couldn't identify what the power was or who was using but was more like a radar that something was being used. It, unfortunately, wasn't very accurate as not all abilities had clear identifiers but it was a hot commodity. Soon they were integrated to be used with personal notepads and wrist pads. Although they were about as be used with personal notepads and wrist pads. Although they were about as accurate as a mood ring, everyone used them. Psions started to adopt them as accessories so they could mingle better with everyone else.  

Murai-Tech profits skyrocketed, allowing them to research new medical breakthroughs for a neural interface while researching better control methods for cybernetic limb control. It was during these tests they discovered a way to inhibit psionic abilities. It wasn't exactly a cure or a real effective way to stop them, but they noticed that something with cybernetics inhibited psionic abilities and power.  

Masato Shinjryo was a prominent Psionic who was involved in a hit and run accident. He had heightened senses, almost 6th sense ability during his mixed martial arts tournaments. After a celebrating a match win one night at the bar, on his way home he was struck by a driver. His spinal cord was snapped and he lost the ability to use both his legs. When they replaced his legs so that he could be able to walk again, they noticed his psionic index had changed. It was barely registering anymore. This discovery was what prompted cybernetic implants to become the next hot commodity not only for humans but for psionics who simply wanted to be treated normally.  

The fear mongering about Psions was starting to vanish. Publicly there was a brief calm in the world since it was easier to identify those that were humans and those there were Psions. At least that was the overall consensus during that time. Between the PPD, cybernetic implants lowering psionic ability society looked like it may get back to normal or at least as normal as it could be an overpopulated, heavy crime rate and polluted world.  

"This was the definite calm before the storm. Warning, records from this time period may be corrupted and not fully accurate. These are accounts that have been collected from individuals, they may be slightly biased as they are from their perspective point of views.  

Are you ready to continue?"

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