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Thank you everyone!


Thank you! A big thanks to everyone who has supported us by backing and sharing Event Horizon: Fleet Battles. We hope to bring this universe and more to life but we can't do it without you. Thank you for the support!


If you are a fan of lore and interested in faction information be sure to check our latest update. We also have a sneak peak into the future with more free miniatures.


Kickstarter Link

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User Feedback

I'm still hoping we can make it.

But with only 15 days to go and less than $6000 on the counter it looks a bit grim.

Perhaps a relaunch for just the rulebook, with the ships and cards as stretch-goals so the funding goal is a bit lower, brings some solace.

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It is unfortunate but we are going to have to reboot. We are checking to see where we can lower the funding goal but there is not a lot of leeway. We weren't outsourcing this overseas, we were wanting to get the manufacturing equipment so we can create the miniatures. Then we don't have to rely on another source whenever we need to retool or want to create new miniatures. It also means we have more control over the time table and able to handle any delays easier. 


Currently we are looking over the pledge tiers. The plan is to simplify the pledge tiers into three basic tiers, that should cover everyone:


Miniatures Only: For those interested in just the miniatures and nothing else, there will be a couple options.


Rules Only: For those interested in just the rules, movement decks and mechanics then we'll have a couple options for them. One will be a print and play version and the other will be basically the box set without the miniatures, so they can use their own miniatures.


Full Game: Then there will be a full game version with a couple tiers. 

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I only came across this recently, and have done what i can to share it.  It has started to be talked about with gaming groups in the area once i passed it on.  Getting it out to the right people will make it happen i think.  I for one see great promise even with only bare bones knowledge.  I come from a long history of playing vaguely similar games( Battletech, Warhammer 40K, Star Fleet Battles, Silent Death), including tournaments, and i think you have the right idea.  I've even considered giving up one of my yearly gun purchases to help push for greater funding to see it happen.  I have found myself watching the funding amount daily.

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Getting the equipment for casting is indeed expensive.

On the other hand, you have more control over the quality and schedule. Too many companies head straight to China these theys and come up with delays of half a year or more.

But I think it is a good idea to lower the number of pledges but also the number of ships available from the start.

Many new miniatures companies start with just a few basic forces and launch the rest through other KS campaigns when they have more renown.

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