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What is Interstellar Crisis?


Interstellar Crisis

Interstellar Crisis is an expansive sci-fi universe set in the future. It has been over 3000 years since Terra and the Sol system completely vanished without a trace, leaving humanity stranded in the Mobius system without a home. Before it disappeared, Terra wasn't much to look at due to years of pollution, caused by the decimation the Psionic Emergence left behind. Most of the privileged had already started to colonize Mars or expand to the Mobius system, but it didn't change the fact that Terra would always be 'home'.

No longer bound by one planet, humanity spread out amongst the stars to create multiple empires. Without having a home planet, the history of Terra slowly faded away, and it wasn't until long before the one common bond everyone shared started to vanish. Despite having access to the vast expanse of space and knowing the devastation of war, humanity had not learned its lesson. It just meant more planets to conquer or destroy. it would only be a matter of time before empires would start to clash with one another.

Humanity had been easy to define because everyone was still 'human'. Even the psionics who emerged were human. But as some replaced their organs with cybernetics, or gene-spliced themselves with traits of another life-form, the definition of what it meant to be human began to blur. Under the name of survival, expansion, and even evolution, humanity went through changes depending on which empire they belonged too. Soon there were thousands of new colonies, all with their own ideals and beliefs. Some of the empires could no longer even be recognized as human, at least by visual appearances.

The galaxy is on the brink of an intergalactic war as you take command of a fleet of ships to defend your empire. Some will be fighting for personal belief and identity, while others just want to fight for sheer dominance of resources and control. What is it that you will fight for?

What is Interstellar Crisis?

Interstellar Crisis put you in control of a fleet of starships comprised of high quality miniatures. It is designed to play on a 4'x6' - 6'x6' gaming area. The starships range from small destroyers to huge super-dreadnoughts packed with a vast arsenal of lasers, missiles, railguns, and squadrons of fighters.

We grew up watching cartoons and anime that depicted large scale spaceship battles. Some of our childhood favorites included Robotech, Star Blazers, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock. Even though there are already a few spaceship games out there, none of them seemed to capture that feeling of watching a couple ships maneuver against a fleet. Although we do love playing them, we didn't want to control a small group of starfighters or ships that didn't give us the feeling that we were in space. We wanted the spaceship battles to be a bit more realistic, but without over complicating things. Ships move and generate momentum, and simply turning the direction of the ship doesn't mean the ship changes the direction it is traveling. The momentum will continue to carry a ship in the direction it was going unless new thrust is applied to change that direction. We also wanted ship sensors to play an important part, and not have the game simply be one player reacting to how another player moves.

Since most of at Garage Gaming originally came from a TCG and board game background, it only seemed natural that we would develop a movement system utilizing cards. This let us create a movement system where each player could plan their moves quickly and intuitively. Each ship has their own set of movement cards. Players will need to set up their own movement while trying to predict how their opponent will be moving. Once completed, the cards would be placed on the ship status cards face down. When we move to the movement phase, movement happens all at once, so you don't have to sit and wait for a player to move their ships before you move yours.

You can simply fight head to head against other players or use our scenario encounters to add more complexity to the game. With scenarios, players would design their fleets then roll on the encounter table. This will help setup the atmosphere and background for which they are fighting. They might be an assassination where the objective is to take out a specific enemy ship or they could be fighting in a nebula that hinders laser weapons. But you won't know the specifics until after you've designed your fleet, so choose wisely.

There are different ship miniatures that represent the six strongest factions in the galaxy. Each miniature can be purchased individually. Each faction also has a Fleet Starter Pack that can be purchased that contains four of the ship miniatures.

Edited by Shinlocke

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