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  1. The money back promise is a hard one to fulfill. You not only lose the pledge, but the shipping cost as well. I hope your relaunch will be EU friendly, there are many players in the UK and Western Europe. The companies you mention started small as well. But see how they have grown. No reason this couldn't happen to you too. I prefer resin over pewter and hope we can make it that far!
  2. Getting the equipment for casting is indeed expensive. On the other hand, you have more control over the quality and schedule. Too many companies head straight to China these theys and come up with delays of half a year or more. But I think it is a good idea to lower the number of pledges but also the number of ships available from the start. Many new miniatures companies start with just a few basic forces and launch the rest through other KS campaigns when they have more renown.
  3. I'm still hoping we can make it. But with only 15 days to go and less than $6000 on the counter it looks a bit grim. Perhaps a relaunch for just the rulebook, with the ships and cards as stretch-goals so the funding goal is a bit lower, brings some solace.
  4. I prefer to keep dice-rolling to a minimum to speed up gameplay. So a die-roll to both hit and determine the amount of damage sounds like the best solution. In A, you can still add modifiers to both hit and damage depending on the range.
  5. Okay, here I go My name is Wouter and I'm from Belgium. Father of two sons and a miniature/rpg (pen and paper) enthousiast for about 20 years. Started with 40k (second edition) and then came Necromunda, Epic, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka. But I never liked Warhammer. I broke out of my comfort zone when 4th edition was released and my army was once again obsolete. Next up came Warmachine. But nowadays I play more skirmish games like Wolsung, World of Twilight, Krosmaster and 15mm Gruntz/Tomorrow's War. I remember how I hated to paint, while that is what I like to do most these days, together with computer games (rpg's mostly). although I often have little to no time for my hobbies these days I guess that's about it
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